Day 9: FREE DAY!

This was the first day we did not have any sort of structured activities! We still began bright and early, out of habit, with breakfast and then we all hung out in the cool outdoor living area outside of our hotel. Then, groups spilt off to do activities of their choice. Some people went horseback riding on the beach, others went kayaking, and a few went to see the iguanas. I know this will shock you, but five of my friends and myself went snorkeling yet again! We went to a little deserted beach and began exploring. The water was very shallow but would drop off at random spots, which was scary! We did not stay very long and ventured to a nearby beach where boats were coming in and out. We spent a solid hour there, just talking and wading in the water. We put our clothes and towels in a nearby tree for safe keeping but after about 30 minutes, a man ran up to us screaming and pointing at where our clothes hung. It turns out we had placed our clothes in a tree with poisionous bark! We laughed and moved our stuff (no one got sick, luckily!)

About an hour later, the group that went kayaking floated past us. This was good because that meant the bus would be by soon to pick them up and we could catch a ride back. They said they had an awesome time. We ate pizza for lunch at a cute little beach resturaunt called Ceasar’s.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the beach. It was so relaxing.

Our evening consisted of walking on tight ropes, eating a 5 course seafood dinner for $10, doing yoga as the sun set, stalking turtles to watch them they lay their eggs, and playing/singing the cup song (the one off of the movie Pitch Perfect) at a beach bar. May seem like a strange dream, it wasn’t. It was an absolutley perfect day.


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