Day 10: Goodbye Galapagos

Leaving Isabella island was so difficult. This desolate island filled with rare and amazing creatures changed my outlook on nature. The conservation, preservation, and sustainability of the island is the top priority of her few inhabitants. By breeding endangered tourtise species that would otherwise be extinct by now, they only intervene to better the wildlife, not harm it as we so often do in the USA. Having to adapt to mother nature was refreshing; she made us work a little and inconvience our lives to fully appreciate her beauty. We spent hours on hikes to view wildlife that would have taken a 20 minute car ride to see at home. Seeing a giant tourtise in it’s natural, undisturbed habitat (not the restraints of a zoo) was fascinating. It truly is the animals island and the people are merely visitors. The purity of the island is something I will always remember.

I know this will not be my last time in Darwin’s Galapagos.












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